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Northwestern IT Branding

Northwestern IT

To align with Northwestern branding guidelines, Northwestern Information Technology (IT) provides resources to help staff represent the organization clearly and consistently. Questions or requests for guidance about using these resources on any print or electronic communication can be directed to IT Communications.


Northwestern Information Technology has approved three wordmarks for the organization. The preferred version is the one pictured to the right; a single-line version of the logo is also available.

Wordmarks are available in Northwestern Purple, white, and black. In most cases, use Northwestern Purple or white; black should be reserved for when color is not an option.

PNG files of the wordmarks are available for download by Northwestern staff. 

For information on the Northwestern brand, please refer to the University brand website.

Branding Guidelines

It’s important that Northwestern IT be consistent in how we present our identity. Wordmarks may be sized proportionally to fit publications, but must avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Adding extra elements or words (including department or team names)
  • Stretching or condensing the logo
  • Applying drop shadows or other visual effects
  • Changing the color beyond the approved colors
  • Rearranging the elements of the logo

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please email IT Communications.


Templates and Email Signatures

Several approved templates with the logo are available to download by Northwestern Information Technology staff, including:

  • PowerPoint templates (standard and widescreen)
  • letterhead
  • agendas
  • meeting minutes

Suggested email signature templates are available on the Northwestern brand site. Staff may also add the Northwestern Information Technology URL,, to their email signatures.

Business cards with the new branding will be available soon.

Promotional Items

The Northwestern IT logo may be used on promotional items such as pens, t-shirts, or notepads as long as the design follows the appropriate branding guidelines. Any questions or requests for guidance about using the logo on promotional items can be directed to IT Communications.


Northwestern Information Technology Communications is happy to assist with or review any projects involving branding, including print or digital publications, new or existing web pages, signage, or promotional items. Consultation requests should be directed to IT Communications.

Last Updated: 17 January 2017

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