Staff member identifies need for a product. Includes: quantity, detailed specifications, catalog/item numbers, suggested vendor, delilvery site location, date material is needed. Forwards request to Manager or Director, if authorization is required. Arrow showing flow to right Unless the product is a true single source, bids have to be made to two other vendors on a purchase over $25,000. A bid documentation is to be completed [Single Source Justification Form.]
Arrow showing downward flow Arrow showing downward flow
Authorization of request for purchase. Verifies Chart of Accounts (COA) numbers to be used on this order. Reviewed and authorized by Manager or Director which is sent forward to purchasing department. The University has created an Equal Opportunity Program. This is to enhance economic opportunities for minority, women-owned, disadvantaged, and local businesses. On Request For Quotation (Bids) over $25,000, forms to reflect their status are to be completed by the vendor/supplier.
Arrow showing downward flow Arrow showing downward flow
Purchasing department placement of order. Obtains pricing and availability on items requested. Source product from other vendors. Placement of order with vendor. Purchase Orders Processing Services [POPS] will print a purchase order when the above criteria are met.
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Receipt of product. Product received at 2020 Ridge Ave., Evanston. Product matched to what was actually ordered. Product prepared for delivery to site location. Placement of order with vendor.
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Delivery of product. Product delivered to site location as listed on request for purchase. Receipt of Product.
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Delivery of Product.

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