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Administrative Systems

Associate Vice President — Kris O'Brien

Alumni Development Enterprise Applications

Director — Stu Baker 847-491-1874

Enabling Technologies

Associate Director — Harry Samuels 847-467-4483

Develops and supports enabling technologies, essential tools that enable integration of systems, more rapid development, efficient sharing of information, and the ability to rapidly integrate other systems including cloud-based solutions.

Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration Systems

Acting Director — Kris O'Brien

Human Resources Information & Technology Services

Acting Director — Kris O'Brien

Project Management Office

Acting Director — Stu Baker 847-491-1874

Serves as an integrating point for our administrative systems activities, pulling together projects that span business units and providing more effective service to those interacting with the enterprise systems groups. It is responsible for planning and coordinating across existing project and support teams, conducting business analyses for new initiatives, and serving as a coordinating point of multi-system projects. Other functions of the PMO include overarching communications, training, and customer usability. It also works with our help desks to understand how our systems and business processes might be adjusted to better meet the needs of the community.

Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

Director — Andrew Ludington 847-467-2402

Supports the growing demand from our users for a more holistic and multi-disciplinary view of University data by developing shared repositories and creating common data elements.

Last Updated: 13 March 2017

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