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Information and Systems Security/Compliance

Senior Director and Chief Information Security Officer — Thomas Murphy 847-467-6422

It is the mission of Information and Systems Security/Compliance (ISSC) to enable the University to conduct its business in a secure manner while achieving regulatory compliance and providing the controlled sharing of data. ISSC provides leadership and coordination in the development of policies, standards and access controls for the safe-guarding of University information assets. In addition, ISSC raises the University community's awareness of information security issues, promotes safe computing and manages the disaster recovery and business continuing planning activities for Northwestern IT.

ISSC established the Information and Systems Security/Compliance Program, a strategic approach to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Northwestern University's information resources, and is actively engaging schools and departments in its implementation. In addition, ISSC established the Information Security Coordinator network, a cross-functional forum that assists in the coordination and performance of security-related activities. ISSC also leads the Information Security Incident Response Team (IRT), conducts security awareness sessions for departments and schools, and is the coordinator for annual information security self-assessments.

Last Updated: 21 February 2017

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