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Northwestern Collaboration Services Initiative

Project Status

10/25/13: The Northwestern Collaboration Services project is complete. 

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Project Charter


Northwestern has for many years relied on an open-source email system with limited features and an "un-integrated" calendaring system used by only a small portion of the faculty and staff. The Information Technology Strategic Plan for 2011-2013 outlined plans to deploy an enterprise-level collaboration system to support the mission of a modern university.

After an extensive evaluation, Microsoft's market-leading family of messaging and collaboration products has been selected for university-wide deployment. The resulting system will be an integrated platform of cutting edge tools that will provide a foundation for new collaborative practices, enhanced productivity, and regulatory compliance that includes e-mail, calendar, mobile access, instant messaging, Web conferencing, and document sharing components. The new system will serve the collaboration needs of all schools and departments across the University.

Goals and Objectives

Implement an IT Action Plan (Business Requirements) to deploy integrated enterprise collaboration services to carry out the business of Northwestern University.


Steering Committee and Project Working Groups

Impact to the University

The deployment of enterprise collaboration services will lead to:

Phased Deployment

A phased deployment is planned over the span of 18 - 24 months.

Last Updated: 27 February 2018

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