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IT Project: The NUPortal Upgrade

Project Status

10/15/12: The NUPortal has been launched and the project is now complete.

Details on the project phases and timelines are available below in The NUPortal Upgrade Timeline. This information is updated on a monthly basis.

Project Charter


The NUPortal provides centralized access to essential enterprise services and applications from various University Web sites and systems. The NUPortal is the primary access point for Northwestern community members to engage online University services based on their role—faculty, staff, student, researcher, etc. It consolidates access to central and distributed Web-based applications that are important to academic, research, and administrative work. By aggregating online services, The NUPortal provides an easier way to find and use University online services and increases utilization of these services. The NUPortal does not replace the University’s home page or other Web sites. All applications that are accessed from within The NUPortal continue to have native Web-based interfaces.

The NUPortal currently runs on a product called Oracle Portal, which Oracle has decided to discontinue. A replacement product with better features and more functionality called WebSphere Portal (IBM product) has been purchased and NUPortal migration to this product is in progress.

Goals and Objectives

The NUPortal Advisory Committee


An NUPortal Advisory Committee will fill a key role in providing guidance on the evolution of The NUPortal so that it can most effectively meet the current and future needs of the University community.

Specifically, the charge of The NUPortal Advisory Committee is to bring together current and future stakeholders of The NUPortal to:


The NUPortal Upgrade Timeline

Phase Description Status Target Completion Date
Phase 1 Design Complete March 31, 2012
Phase 2


Complete May 31, 2012
Phase 3 QA/Testing In progress August 10, 2012
Phase 4 Beta launch   August 15, 2012
Phase 5 Rollout for training, communication, and support documentation   August/September, 2012
Phase 6 Full launch   October 1, 2012

Last Updated: 27 March 2017

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