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Media and Design Student Employee Job Opportunities

Northwestern University Information Technology Media and Design employs more than 60 part-time student employees every year. The jobs require a variety of skillsets, but, most importantly, all require enthusiasm, a willingness to learn new techniques, and excellent customer service.  These student employees are divided into several different groups.

Lab Consultants

Lab Consultants work in the Library Information Commons and the lab suite in the Tech building. These consultants who work in the Media and Design public computer labs assist users with using ITS&S supported applications and utilities. They also enforce all Northwestern University and Information Technology policies.

Typical tasks frequently performed by consultants in the labs include helping users with Internet based applications, word processing, spreadsheet generation and manipulation, document format conversion, printing and wireless internet. In addition, consultants are responsible for cleaning and regular lab maintenance in addition to other tasks as assigned by management.

Additionally, some consultants may serve as overnight consultants from midnight to 8:00 a.m. in Library labs during reading week and finals. They are responsible for all of the regular consultants duties in addition to meeting expectations set for the overnight group.

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Media Lab Consultant

Media Lab consultants work on the cutting edge of multi-media and digital media production. Students with a background in radio and television production or advanced multimedia design are ideal for this position. These positions are based in the Library Information Commons and assist patrons who are utilizing the media stations. Media Lab consultants should be familiar with programs like Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. In addition, consultants are responsible for cleaning and regular lab maintenance in addition to other tasks as assigned by management.

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Learning Spaces Technology Support Technicians

The Learning Spaces Technology Support (LSTS) technicians are responsible for providing timely support for Northwestern IT Media and Design supported spaces during class times. These student technicians also test each of the spaces during evening and weekend hours to ensure that spaces are clean and in good working order.

LSTS technicians, because they must help anxious users in a time-sensitive environment, must have strong customer service skills. In addition, they should possess an attention to detail and a willingness to explore and troubleshoot unfamiliar equipment.

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Student Video Specialists

As key members of the Media and Design team, Student Video Specialists work on video, audio, animation, and graphics projects for clients across Northwestern.

As a part of our team, you will develop and learn new skills in media creation. Students of all years are welcome to apply!

You should have interest and skill in at least one of the following areas: video production, video post-production, animation, music composition, acting, graphic design, audio production, audio post-production, lighting & cinematography, photography, and social media.

To apply, please submit Student Video Specialist Job Application form to

Last Updated: 20 December 2017

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