E-mail Signature Best Practices

E-mail signature best practices can help to ensure that University e-mail meets professional standards, represents the quality of your work and the University’s business, and provides relevant information to support Northwestern business processes. Suggested guidelines to consider when creating your University e-mail signature are as follows.

As school and departmental e-mail signature best practices may vary, you are encouraged to check with your local marketing and communications contacts before making significant changes to your e-mail signature.

  • Font—Did you know that some fonts are easier to read than others? Simple fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Calibri are easier to read on computer monitors and screens than more complex script and cursive fonts.

  • Font Color—Black type is the most legible and recommended text color for your signature. Darker gray hues are also acceptable.

  • Images—Different e-mail clients process images in different ways; including an image in your signature runs the risk that a recipient receives that image as an e-mail attachment instead. Images may also hinder e-mail delivery performance and increase overall e-mail storage quotas when compounded.

  • Template—A suggested template for creating your University e-mail signature follows; depending on your University role, not all fields may be applicable.
    Name (First, Last, and professional or academic title, as appropriate)
    University Position Title
    University School or Department
    Northwestern University
    Mailing Address (Include office location if different from mailing address)
    Phone Number (Fax number optional)
    Web Address www.northwestern.edu
    (School or departmental Web Address acceptable as alternative; example: www.it.northwestern.edu)
  • Final Touches—Any other information you might include in your signature can lengthen your signature (and your e-mail), making it more difficult to process and/or print, and may distract from the professionalism and clarity of your e-mail.

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