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InfoEd Known Issues

Issues are typically communicated via the InfoEd PD Users listserv.

To subscribe to the INFOED-PD-USERS listserv:
1. Send a plain text e-mail to with no subject line.
2. Type the following command in the message: SUBSCRIBE INFOED-PD-USERS

To unsubscribe, follow instructions above, replacing subscribe with unsubscribe.

The following list includes all current issues, including those specific to the January 2017 InfoEd Version 15 upgrade.





Last Updated

Personnel tab effort may be incorrect

The Personnel tab displays the average of effort values from the budget for each person. If there was a change in PI, the Personnel tab may not update correctly.

You can disregard the effort displayed on this page; it is not used for any reports, the effort interface, or proposal submission.

Fix in development


Northwestern TBD personnel show up with 'Root Node' as dept/inst

When you add new temporary profiles (TBD personnel), their Institution displays as 'Root Node' on their Personnel Detail pop-up and their department displays as 'Root Node' on the Proposal Routing Form.

You can disregard this text; the department information is not transmitted to for these personnel.

Fix in development


Deleted proposals appear in search results

Proposals that OSR has placed in 'Delete' status should be hidden from search results but are currently appearing.

You can disregard these results; you will not be able to open the records and they are not included in any reports.

Fix in development


Budget values that exceed 11 characters do not save

If you accidentally enter a budget value that is too large for InfoEd to handle (e.g. $100,000,000,000) it will not save and there will be no error explaining what happened.

Enter budget data carefully. There should be no need to enter a value this large in a real proposal situation.

Enhancement under InfoEd consideration


Proposed subaward F&A that is being cost-shared will not calculate correctly

AFFECTED PROCESS: System-to-System (S2S) proposals that require detailed budget transmission to the sponsor and include a subaward only where part of the subaward F&A will be cost-shared.
NOT AFFECTED: Proposals with subawards that do not require cost-sharing, proposals with cost-sharing that do not include subaward F&A in the cost-sharing portion, non-S2S proposals, subaward F&A cost-sharing entered at the award stage.

As soon as you know you will be submitting a proposal with this scenario, contact OSR or Northwestern IT Support: or 847-491-4357 (1-HELP), option 2.

Fix in development


Adding personnel twice to a proposal duplicates data in report data views.

InfoEd allows users to enter multiple roles for each user. This should be avoided to prevent this data issue.

Data will need to be corrected by removing the multiple roles until the issue can be handled in Cognos.

Fix in development


Last Updated: 8 May 2018

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