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Financial Management Systems Training Essentials

We've collected some of the most popular training materials here for your easy reference.

General Overviews

General Navigation in NUFinancials  eLearning
Approvals and Workflow Overview  eLearning

Expense Reports and Payment Requests

Expense Reports in NUFinancials eLearning
Expenses Entry Quick Reference Job Aid
Add Proxy Access Job Aid
Cash Advance in NUFinancials eLearning
SC026 Expenses Submission/Workflow Report Explanation Job Aid
Payment Requests in NUFinancials eLearning
Submit a Payment Request Training Guide
Payment Request at Fiscal Year End Job Aid

Requisitions, POs, and Receipts

Requisitions in NUFinancials eLearning
Catalog Requisition Training Guide
Standard Non-Catalog Requisition Training Guide
Blanket Requisition Training Guide
Enter Receipts Using Manage Requisitions Training Guide
Create a Receipt for a Changed or Rolled PO Job Aid
SC016 Open Encumbrance Report Status Explanations Job Aid
SC027 Match Exception Rules Reference Job Aid
Journals and CRTs


Create Correction Journals Job Aid
Create Transfer Journals Job Aid
Create an Internal Sales Journal Job Aid
Creating a Cash Receipt Ticket (CRT) Job Aid
Enter a ChartField Request Job Aid

Last Updated: 28 February 2018

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