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Tableau Server Best Practices

Desktop and Server Compatibility

Tableau desktop automatically prompts to update.  Yet to be announced if 9 to 10 will be an auto update prompt
Major and minor versions (i.e. v9.3, v10.0) should match between desktop and server for support and proper function.  Minor releases look to be a yearly event with maintenance releases being monthly.  

Bottom line: we will need to stay inside the same minor release to keep compatibility easy or stress to disable the auto updating prompt.

Development vs Production

Tableau is capable of moving workbooks between projects. It will not overwrite a workbook with the same name. We recommend setting up separate project folders for developing and production. The development project can be then be restricted to only your developers. A site admin can then move the workbook to the production project for wide availability. You could also use the web edit and choose to save as to make a copy of the workbook into the production project folder.


New project folders copy the Default project folder’s permissions. The default roles allow the full details of the data to be accessed. We strongly recommend you disable this and grant it to users or group as needed. See the site admin reference documentationpdf for details.

Site administrators are responsible for adding/removing users and any security groups they deem appropriate. The site admin reference documentationpdf has detailed directions.

Revision History

Tableau Server can save a copy of changes to workbooks that you can pull down and republish.  Do not rely on this alone, save a copy of your workbooks when you publish them. There are situations that delete revision history on the server.

Backup and Recovery

The Tableau Server is backed up daily, however northwestern IT recommends you keep a copy of the workbook you publish. Recovery can be achieved at a workbook level, meaning we can pull out the workbook with all the dashboards and worksheets inside it. We can then give you the workbook file so you can republish the information you need.

Last Updated: 23 February 2017

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