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SharePoint User Resources

Northwestern schools and departments are now able to have "site collections" for faculty and staff in Northwestern Share, the University's centralized SharePoint 2013 infrastructure managed by Northwestern IT. Each site collection is deployed and managed independently by "site owners" (usually local technology support staff) at the school or department level. This allows for greater flexibility for faculty, staff, and students using SharePoint.

Site User Training

University faculty and staff have many general SharePoint training resources they may use on their own time to become familiar with this new tool.

For specific questions regarding individual school or department SharePoint sites, faculty, staff, and students should contact the site owner or their local area technical support. Local area technical support and site owners may also develop faculty and staff training processes for their site(s) as necessary.

Requesting SharePoint

Faculty and staff may only request SharePoint sites from their local area technology support. If there is not yet a site collection in their area, local area technology support will need to complete the Collaboration Services Request Form.

Last Updated: 24 October 2017

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