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Collaboration Services: Unified Messaging Overview

Microsoft Unified Messaging integrates telephones and voice mail with the rest of University Collaboration Services. This universal inbox lets users access email, voice mail, calendar, and contacts anywhere - and all from one place.

Need to forward a voice mail? That can still be done from the phone, but now also via smartphone or laptop. And the recipient will be notified they have a new message both by email and on their phone.

Unable to check your voice messages immediately? Messages can now be saved as long as any other email in your inbox, not just for five days like the previous voice mail system.

Unified Messaging offers many productivity enhancements:

Unified Messaging Inbox Message

Get Started

Each user receives a "Welcome to Unified Messaging" email with important information once their account has been activated, including a temporary PIN. Getting started is easy and only takes a few minutes. Managing your PIN and personalized greetings moving forward is even easier. 

Requesting a Unified Messaging Account

New Unified Messaging accounts must be requested by a CONDUITS work order contact using the CONDUITS Online order form.

Last Updated: 30 January 2017

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