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Central Desktop Data Backup Service

Regular data backups reduce the risk of permanent data loss which can occur for many reasons including, hardware failure, power failure, and virus attacks.  In continuing its commitment to the protection of mission critical data at the University, Northwestern IT is participating with University schools and departments to provide a secure hosted data backup solution powered by CrashPlan Pro.

Through a service level agreement with the vendor, Code42, this high performance, cross platform backup solution provides continuous data protection and restore capabilities of desktop and laptop machines running supported Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Solaris operating systems to the NU community subscribing to the service.

As the central manager of client backup service for Northwestern, Northwestern IT’s role is to gather pertinent information from all end users, escalate incidents, and review, test, and communicate new client backup updates to Northwestern Organizational Client Backup Administrators.

Northwestern IT encourages all members of the university to ensure the security of the Northwestern Network by performing daily backups.

Northwestern Organizational Client Backup Administrators

Participating schools and departments assign representatives, called Northwestern Organizational Client Backup Administrators (OAs),  responsible for providing on-site local client backup support and managing their client settings, including access controls, data backup/restore capabilities, and alerts through the NetID authenticated web-based CrashPlan Pro management console.

Participating groups should contact their technical support staff for more information.

CrashPlan Pro Benefits and Features

Administrators can manage backup from on- or off-campus for University data without restrictions to file size or the number of files that can be backed up. Additional benefits and features of this service include:

NU groups interested in learning more about this hosted client backup solution including cost, licensing, and how to order should contact the Northwestern IT Support Center.

Student and Personal Use

CrashPlan for Home Use is no longer being offered, or renewed, through the vendor, Code 42 and will no longer be available for use starting October 23, 2018.  An alternate option is available through Carbonite. Important Changes to CrashPlan for Home Use

Carbonite offers simple, secure cloud backup for computers. Subscriptions include free, award-winning customer support, 7 days a week. Learn more

Last Updated: 1 February 2018

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