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Fall 2014 Faculty/Staff Edition

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Faculty/Staff Edition Fall 2014

Northwestern Box—Just the Beginning!

Since launching this spring, Northwestern Box has quickly been gaining traction across the University. More than 4,500 individual faculty, staff, and TGS students have signed up for the flexible file sharing service and an additional 140 organizational accounts have been created for various schools and departments.

Do More With Box

Get Box for Mobile and Install Box buttons

Have you wondered what the two buttons on the right of the Northwestern Box web page are for? They allow you to take the Box experience to the next level with Box Sync and Box for Mobile apps.

Box Sync directly synchronizes local files and folders from your computer to Northwestern Box. Click Install Box on your computer and the web page will automatically detect if you have a Mac or PC, or even if you already have Box Sync installed. Once you have downloaded and installed Box Sync on your computer, add files and folders to your local Box Sync folder and they will automatically be uploaded to and sync with the Box website.

With Box Sync, any changes you make in your Box Sync folder or on the Northwestern Box website will be in sync. You’ll also be able to manage the folders you want to sync on the Northwestern Box website, and if you have to work offline on content in a Box Sync folder, it will be automatically updated once you are reconnected to the internet!

If you click the Get Box for Mobile button on your computer, you can enter your phone number to have a text message link to download the app sent to your mobile device. If you access Northwestern Box with your mobile device, click the same button for direct links to download the Box App for major mobile operating systems. Once installed, you will be able to access all of your Northwestern Box content directly from your phone or tablet.

More From Northwestern Box in Early 2015!

Northwestern Box is being integrated with Microsoft Active Directory security groups, which will allow Northwestern Box group account membership to be managed with Exchange distribution lists using the Outlook Web App. This will also enable individual users to share content directly with Box Groups that are defined through Microsoft Active Directory.

Automated Northwestern Box account de-provisioning is being implemented as well to ensure that once a user permanently leaves the University they are no longer able to log into the system.

While Northwestern Box is currently intended only for non-sensitive University data, NUIT is working with the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and Feinberg School of Medicine to explore options to make Box more suitable for sensitive data types. A pilot process that would allow Weinberg to store internal University data securely within Northwestern Box has been approved and Feinberg is beginning to investigate the possibilities of making the service a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant file storage and sharing option.

Box is also constantly coming up with new features and tools. Visit the Box Community page to stay up to date on best practices, tips of the day, and news.

For more information visit the Northwestern Box service page. The File Sharing Overview also lets faculty and staff evaluate the other available file sharing options at the University and see what tools are appropriate for different data types.

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