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Fall 2014 Faculty/Staff Edition

eCommunicator is a quarterly newsletter about technology tools, services, and support at Northwestern University.

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NUIT Events & Presentations

What’s New & Changing in IT?


Faculty/Staff Edition Fall 2014

Upcoming NUIT Events & Presentations

NUIT Tech Talks

NUIT Tech Talks are a chance for you to improve your knowledge regarding new technology and technology-related issues that impact the academic and work environment of the University.

Held in a Webinar format, you can join NUIT Tech Talks right from your desk. Can’t attend a session but still want to learn more? Recordings of each event are available after each session.

Multi-factor Authentication at Northwestern – November 20

With the launch of multi-factor authentication this fall, Northwestern is offering an additional authentication feature to further protect access to your personal information in the Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS). Simply, multi-factor authentication uses two types of authentication to verify your identity: something you know and something you have. At this Tech Talk, we'll cover:

Time: 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Your desktop or laptop computer
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Topics in Research Computing: Research Data Sharing – December 4

The creation of large volumes of scientific research data presents technological challenges in collection, analysis, and sharing of significant amounts of information across the world. Sharing this data requires a flexible, secure network with high capacity and rapid data transmission. Rapid sharing of data between researchers at different institutions improves scientific investigations and speeds up the path to discovery. During the course of this Tech Talk, presenters will:

Time: 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Your desktop or laptop computer
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Canvas Workshops

Workshops for Canvas, the University’s new Learning Management System, are filling up fast! Visit the Canvas page to register for workshops on any of the following topics:

Introduction to Canvas

Build your Canvas course with confidence! This workshop provides an overview of the basic features, dynamic tools, and functionality that allows you to build and support engaging courses.

Advanced Topics in Canvas

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of adding and building content in Canvas, get hands on experience in organizing and enhancing your courses. Topics include additional Canvas features, such as the calendar, syllabus, and conferencing tools. Learn how to add images and video to your pages, install apps (LTIs) to the rich content editor, customize your course navigation panel, and share best practices and ideas with other Northwestern faculty. 

NOTE: Attendees should take the Introduction to Canvas workshop before registering for Advanced Topics in Canvas

Moving from Blackboard to Canvas

Change doesn't have to be scary. In this workshop, instructors learn specific steps for moving course material from Blackboard to Canvas. You'll also learn the options and benefits of building your site from scratch. The workshop also addresses several alternatives to specific Blackboard features while exploring many of Canvas's engaging tools.

Participants in this workshop should already be familiar with the features and functionality of Canvas by completing the Introduction to Canvas workshop.

Grading and Assignments in Canvas

In this hands-on workshop, you'll discover how much easier grading and creating assignments can be in Canvas. You'll learn tips and tricks on making assignments and grading easier than ever. Canvas will make you say, "I can't wait to start grading."

Participants in this workshop should already be familiar with the features and functionality of Canvas by completing the Introduction to Canvas workshop.

Turn It In: A Deeper Look

Looking for cool tools to enhance student learning and feedback? Then take a peek at Turn It In! Check student work for potential plagiarism by comparing it against a large comparison database. Student work is checked for potential plagiarism using pattern recognition algorithms and an originality report is generated. Learn how the Grade Mark tool allows you to give students quick and concise feedback while saving you grading time with easy drag-and-drop editing marks, voice comments and rubrics. Lastly, simplify one peer reviews through Turn It In! Learn how to automate assignment distribution, options such as anonymous reviews, and instructor questions to guide students allow for peer reviews in even the largest classes.

Group Work in Canvas

Canvas provides exceptional group capabilities for students and faculty alike. This workshop will demonstrate how faculty can empower students to leverage Canvas for project management, collaboration and presentation assistance in group projects, discussions, and assignments. Faculty will also learn how to monitor, evaluate, assess and advise students before, during and after the lifetime of their project through Groups in Canvas.

Copying your Canvas Course

Already made the jump to Canvas? Then you may have a reason to look forward to Winter! As your Fall courses wind down, this brief workshop will teach you the quick and simple steps to copying your Canvas courses into their upcoming shells. Learn how to copy your course in full, or in pieces with a few quick clicks. We will also cover updating your due dates and recreating your Turn It In assignments.

Using Media in Canvas

Want to liberate your course from the monotony of plain text? Immerse your students in your course material using video and audio to give them more personalized feedback with media comments. In this workshop, we will cover the different types of media you can use in your Canvas course, from content found online, such as YouTube videos, to user-created content in Canvas’ media comments, and all the ways to handle copyrighted materials.

Build Your Canvas Course Boot Camp

Take your Canvas course from empty shell to student-ready in this intensive, hands-on, half-day workshop. This workshop will provide an overview of the basic features, dynamic tools, and functionality of Canvas, paired with personalized guidance and support from a Canvas expert in building your course. 

You will be expected to bring:

  • Laptop
  • All the instructional materials needed (syllabus, files, assignments, etc.) to create your course in Canvas

Mobile MeetUps

The Mobile MeetUp series is a chance for faculty and staff at the University to learn more about mobile technology, trends, and apps impacting the academic and work environments of the University.

Increase your awareness of mobile technology, trends, and apps, be a part of identifying best practices, and engage in conversation with your peers.

Mobile Futures for Teaching and Learning by Instructure - December 10

Time: 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: Norris 202 (Northwestern Room) - Evanston Campus

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