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Fall 2014 Faculty/Staff Edition

eCommunicator is a quarterly newsletter about technology tools, services, and support at Northwestern University.

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Faculty/Staff Edition Fall 2014

Help Yourself to Northwestern Tech Support and Services!

Did you know you can find answers to questions, order technical services, and much more around the clock from your computer or mobile device? Faculty, staff, and students all have access to a greater selection of self-service support tools as more groups across Northwestern join the IT Support Center.

Solve Technical Problems

Dynamic IT Knowledge Base

At anyone inside or outside the University can browse the dynamic IT Knowledge Base (KB) home page for answers to more than 500 common technical support questions such as How do I configure VPN on Windows 8.1?

The NUIT website search box includes results from the KB so faculty, staff, and students can find what they need to know without leaving the familiar homepage. Once in the IT Service Manager, articles can be sorted by problems, information, and configuration inquiries. The second drop-down can then further focus a search by IT system or service.

Be careful though when using the IT Service Manager KB search box, as “AND” or “OR” are necessary to enter multiple keywords. For instance, you’ll need to search for “Android AND VPN” rather than “How do I configure VPN on Android?


Since the KB is part of the IT Service Manager, NUIT technical support staff are able to create additional public articles as soon as new questions are asked. This means that when someone calls in with a new problem, a staff member will solve the problem and can then quickly post that solution to the KB so the rest of the University can find it without having to contact the IT Support Center.

“The Unified Service Desk initiative is about creating one entry point for technical support at Northwestern,” said director of NUIT Technology Support Services Wendy Woodward. “The Knowledge Base and the Service Catalog ensure that entry point is always open for people to solve issues even when the Support Center is unavailable.”

As always, faculty and staff can call 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) for especially tricky issues.

Service Ordering Made Easy

Do you need an extra data jack for a new hire in your department? How about high performance computing services from Quest? These services and more can be ordered online from the new IT Service Catalog.

IT Service Catalog link highlighted in the Services dropdown on the NUIT website

From the NUIT website, click Services and select IT Service Catalog to quickly identify and order a variety of services provided to the Northwestern community. A general description is provided for each service along with a link to order. Some services also include a link where you can find more information, such as eligibility, cost, features, and support.

Please note that to order any services from links on the Service Catalog you must be authorized to request that particular service. If you are unable to request something and think you should be authorized to order it, please contact your local technical support or contact the IT Support Center.

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