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Top Ten Things to do with @u

In the spirit of late-night TV, NUIT is providing you with a top ten list of tips that will help ease your fall load:

10. Go mobile! Stay connected to your e-mail, calendar, chat, and docs with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or BlackBerry. Download a simple application and begin the process. Remember to include “”—no nicknames allowed!

9. Share your docs. Did you know you can work on group papers and projects without leaving your place? Share your docs and collaborate with your work group in a real-time environment.

8. Go-go gadget. Spreadsheet gadgets perk up any report with animated charts and quirky organizational tools. Everyone will think you took hours creating your masterpiece—we won’t tell.

7. Create a Web site. Show off all of the work you’ve been doing, and make a Web site. Sites allow you to create Web pages to share with users with just a few clicks. Remember to select the category you’d like your site to be linked with.

6. Sync your calendar. Never miss a party, class, or big game again—populate your personal calendar and then sync it with other calendars, including the NU academic calendar.

5. PDFs made easy. Did you know you can now upload and share PDFs to your documents? You can also save docs, spreadsheets, and presentations as PDFs  in the “More actions” menu. No need to purchase pricy Adobe Editor software.

4. Chatty Wildcat. You can now get your @u chat on within your account using Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome browsers.

3. Got a blog? Chat with readers of your blog or Web site with Talk Chatback. Chatback lets users— or not—instantly respond to your latest entry.

2. Paint the town red. If you’re the type who arranges your closet by color, try organizing your labels the same way. Color-coded labels are easy to implement; just click the triangle to the right of your label name and select a color for your label. Your organizational points just skyrocketed.

and the number one thing to do with your @u account…

1. Use it! Forward your Gmail (or other outside service) account to If you’re forwarding your mail to an outside account, you’re not gaining full access to many of the benefits listed above.

And, check out what happened when the Google Bus came to town.