Copy a Course

Course Copy is used to move course content from one course to another. Instructors can copy course materials into an existing course. This is useful for those who teach the same course for several quarters and want to copy materials from a previous quarter to the current quarter.

NOTE: In order to copy course material, the instructor or teaching assistant must have access to both courses.  Certain components will not be fully copied over automatically. For example, copying "Library Resources" will only copy the "Library Resources" content area but NOT the Reserve Items within Course Reserves. To copy the contents of Library Resources, please follow the instructions on the NU Library page.  Google Apps (Bboogle) links will need to be reset once copied.

To Copy a Course:

  1. Go to the Course where the material will be copied from.
  2. Go to the Control Panel.
  3. Select Packages and Utilities.
  4. Select Course Copy.
  5. Under Select Copy Options, next to Destination Course ID, either:
    1. Enter the exact Course ID (e.g., 2010FA_CHEM-101_SEC20) in the field; 
    2. OR click Browse and select the Course ID in the new window, then click Submit.
  6. Check the checkboxes adjacent to the course materials that will be copied.

    Select Copy Options section. Next to Destination Course ID, the Course ID of the course to where the content is being moved should be entered. The checkboxes allow for the selection of the course materials that should be moved.

  7. Optional: If you want to copy the list of users from a previous course to the existing course, check Include Enrollments in the Copy. However, it is recommended to leave the field unchecked.

    Enrollments section. Include Enrollments in the Copy is unchecked.

    Note: In most cases, instructors need only the course materials from a previous course but not the list of users who already completed the course. If enrollments are not copied, posts by previous users in the Discussion Board will be credited to "Anonymous." 
  8. Click Submit. 

Note: You will receive an email stating that the course copy process is complete. However, the process can take longer, depending on server traffic and the volume of course material being copied. Repeating the course copy will cause duplicates of all copied material to appear in the destination course.

Support Contacts

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