Enroll Users in a Course Site

Instructors and teaching assistants have the ability to manually enroll users with a valid Northwestern University NetID in their course sites in the Course Management System (CMS).

  • Students registered for courses in CAESAR are automatically enrolled in CMS course sites. Individuals manually added to the CMS are not automatically enrolled in CAESAR. Please be aware that manually added students will have no official record of their enrollments, credits or grades.
  • All official teaching assistants (TAs) should be assigned to a course in CAESAR by a program or department assistant. Assigning TAs in CAESAR will give them access to the Class Lists and CTEC Reports. Once TAs are assigned, their enrollment in the CMS is automatically updated on the same or following business day. Program and department assistants can find instructions on how to assign teaching assistants to a course in CAESAR PDF on the Office of the Registrar's Faculty & Staff Resources. Unofficial assistants (department administrators, research assistants, etc) should not be listed in CAESAR. They can be added directly to the CMS in order to access the course site and materials.

To Enroll Users in a Course Site:

(Note: After enrolling a new user, a confirmation will appear for that individual user.  Instructors may then wish to view the entire course roster.)

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click Users and Groups.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Click the Find Users to Enroll button.
    Screenshot showing location of Find Users to Enroll button, before the Search fields.
  5. On the Add Enrollments page, under Enroll User enter the NetID in the Username field.  Note: To search for a user, do not enter text in the box, but click browse to search by Last Name, First Name, or E-mail Address. Click Submit.
  6. Select the user's Role in the course.
  7. Select Enrollment Availability. Select Yes to make the course site available to the user or select No to make the course site unavailable to the user.
  8. Click Submit.

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