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Mounting Cords

Standard telephone mounting cords are 12 feet long. Longer mounting cords can be made for locations that require them, such as in conference rooms to connect a conference-calling device to the phone line.


Consult the NU Service and Equipment Rates Charges PDF.


For safety reasons, mounting cords longer than 12 feet are not allowed in most office locations. If a phone must be located further from an existing jack than the standard mounting cord length allows, the department must order a new phone jack at the desired location.

Please note that there is a labor charge involved.


CONDUITS Work Order Contacts can submit an order online via the CONDUITS Online Order Form.

Please have the following information before placing and order: identifying the telephone set, location, contact person, and Chart of Account number. The only requirement is an existing Northwestern IT telephone.

Last Updated: 21 March 2017

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