NUIT Tech Talk Series

Tech Talks

The NUIT Tech Talk series is a chance for you to improve your knowledge of new technology and technology-related issues that impact the academic and work environment of the University. These informal, interactive, 45-minute webinars are designed to share the latest news and information and answer your technology questions.

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Fall 2014 NUIT Tech Talks

Canvas is Here! Northwestern's New Learning Management System – October 23

The word is out and campus is buzzing about Canvas, the University's new Learning Management System. At this Tech Talk, you'll learn about this major initiative, including how you can start using Canvas in your courses to more effectively connect, engage, evaluate, and teach your students. The session will also cover Canvas features, resources and opportunities to explore the system, and the timeline for the Blackboard-to-Canvas transition. Presenters will share:

  • An overview of Canvas, the new Learning Management System
  • How and when you can begin using Canvas with your courses
  • Resources for training and support

Time: 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Your desktop or laptop computer
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File Storage and Sharing at NU – November 6

Cloud storage, network drives, research data storage—all you know is that you need a secure place to keep your important information. At this Tech Talk, we'll discuss a variety of options available for storing several kinds of data, show you how to share and collaborate on documents with colleagues, and help you determine which tool or service can best serve your needs. Presenters at this event will:

  • Discuss file storage options for faculty, staff, and researchers
  • Explain key differences between tools for administrative and research data
  • Demonstrate select file-sharing features

Time: 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Your desktop or laptop computer
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Multi-factor Authentication at Northwestern – November 20

With the launch of multi-factor authentication this fall, Northwestern is offering an additional authentication feature to further protect access to your personal information in the Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS). Simply, multi-factor authentication uses two types of authentication to verify your identity: something you know and something you have. At this Tech Talk, we'll cover:

  • The basics of multi-factor authentication at Northwestern
  • Benefits of using multi-factor, including online access to W2s and the ability to update direct deposit in FASIS
  • How you can register using your phone

Time: 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Your desktop or laptop computer
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Topics in Research Computing: Research Data Sharing – December 4

The creation of large volumes of scientific research data presents technological challenges in collection, analysis and sharing of significant amounts of information across the world. Sharing this data requires a flexible, secure network with high capacity and rapid data transmission. Rapid sharing of data between researchers at different institutions improves scientific investigations and speeds up the path to discovery. During the course of this Tech Talk, presenters will:

  • Discuss trends in deploying dedicated research networks to facilitate collaborative ‘Big Data’ flows
  • Present the resource-rich environment of the Chicago region
  • Preview Northwestern’s pilot High Performance Science Network (HPSNet), which will provide enhanced network services to campus researchers

Time: 11 - 11:45 a.m.
Location: Your desktop or laptop computer
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