Your NetID is your electronic identity at Northwestern. The most common format of a NetID is a combination of three letters (often related to your name) and three numbers. Your NetID is different from your seven-digit student/employee number.

You will use your NetID to access important University systems including, but not limited to:

  • University email
  • NU online directory
  • NU Library online resources
  • Grades and transcripts (CAESAR)
  • Kronos Time System
  • Campus wireless network
  • Off-campus access to the NU Network (VPN)

Based on your University affiliation (faculty, staff, student, or a combination of staff/student, etc.), your NetID provides you with role-specific access to University systems.

Using your NetID

NetIDs are provided to active members of the University community as a result of having been entered into FASIS (faculty/staff) or SES (students). If you are a faculty or staff member, your personal information has been entered into FASIS by Human Resources. If you are a student, your personal information has entered by the University Registrar.

You must activate your NetID before you can use it. You will be notified when your NetID has been created and you can begin the student activation process or faculty/staff activation process. Faculty and staff receive information about NetID activation from their department NetID coordinator. Students receive their NetID Activation Code from their school or the Admissions Office.

Additional Information

Support Contacts

Support Contact:

IT Support Center
Central service desk for students, faculty, and staff.
847-491-4357 (1-HELP)
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