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NUIT to Go podcasts bring the best of NUIT to you, so you can listen on your own time. Topics focus on current and upcoming information technology services, initiatives, and support. Additionally, the Information Security News series serves as a complement to the NUIT to Go series.

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Title Time Date Description Listen Transcript
New Student Podcast: Where to Get Support at NU 2:38 9/9/10 NUIT Support Center consultants fill you in on the many ways you can get tech support from NUIT, including phone, e-mail, and hands-on help from the NUIT Support Center, Service Point, or Laptop ER.
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New Student Podcast: Get Your Tech Ready for Campus 3:20 8/16/10 NUIT Support Center student consultants give incoming students tips on items to bring (and to avoid) to connect quickly on campus, security tips to protect personal information, and more.
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Holiday Tips for Secure Computing 06:30 11/20/09 Give yourself the gift of improved computer security this year! NUIT's Senior Data Security Analyst, Roger Safian, has holiday shopping tips and gift ideas that won't compromise your computer's safety. Items include software suites, flash drives, and wireless routers. Show Notes. Download  View PDF
Time and Money Saving Tech Tips 03:42 10/30/09 With the holidays rapidly approaching, time and money are top of mind. This NUIT to Go podcast outlines a few quick tech tips to help stretch your clock and wallet. Show Notes. Download  View PDF
Summer Prep Tech Tips 05:12 06/04/09 Whether you're graduating or just taking a summer vacation, NUIT is providing you with a few tips to ease your travels. With Distributed Support Specialist Matt Kelsey. Download  View PDF
Consulting and Project Office at Your Service 08:39 05/07/09 Could you use some project management assistance? Are you implementing a new service or technology in your area? Need help reviewing a contract? Listen to this session for an overview of NUIT's Consulting and Project Office from Farhan Hasan and Mark Desmond. Download  View PDF
Spring Break Prep 06:22 03/18/09 Leaving campus for a spring break getaway? Listen to this first. Matt Kelsey, Distributed Support Specialist, explains what to do to protect your computer and data before and after your trip. Download  View PDF
Green Tech Tips 05:14 02/10/09 This session features tips and information about greening your computing routine and a discussion with the Green Cup 2009 co-chair, Laura Christian. Download  View PDF
Learn About Listserv 03:47 01/09/09 A discussion with Michael Jones, an NUIT Associate Technical Services Analyst, about features and functionality of the upgraded NU Listserv service. Download  View PDF
Videoconferencing Unveiled 06:02 12/03/08 A discussion with NUIT's project manager for video and collaboration, Mike Curtis, about how to schedule a videoconference at NU. Download  View PDF
Communicating--Tech Style at NU 06:29 11/24/08 A discussion with the manager of NUIT Communications, Sherry Minton, about the various communication vehicles used to promote and educate tech services at NU. Download  View PDF
Demystifying DSS 05:42 11/07/08 Distributed Support Services (DSS) manger, Mike Satut, and assistant manager, Jay Bagley, break down how DSS assists the University. Download  View PDF
Google Bus Visits NU 04:14 10/06/08 A discussion with Google's associate product marketing manager, Miriam Schneider, about the successful road trip to gather student feedback on Northwestern's Google-powered student e-mail system. Download  View PDF
NU-BAYU: Are You Aware You're Uploading? 04:46 9/15/08 "Be Aware You're Uploading" service unveiled. Find out what NU-BAYU is and how to know if you're uploading. Download  View PDF
Get Connected! New Student Tech Tips 07:22 8/25/08 Insider tips for a new student from an NUIT Support Center consultant. Learn more about getting connected while on campus and where to find support. Download  View PDF

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