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Logging in to Quest

The two commonly used methods for logging in to Quest are using the FastX client and through a secured shell (SSH) terminal. If your output is graphical in nature, FastX is recommended. 

Connecting with FastX

The FastX2 Desktop Client is an application for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux personal computers that makes a network connection to Quest using SSH. It gives you a connection to the Quest Linux servers with full graphics support via the Linux X Windows system, also called X11.  Logging on using FastX is recommended if you will be using any GUI-based applications.

Connecting with an SSH Terminal

Mac or Linux computer

To login to Quest from a Linux or Mac computer, open a terminal and at the command line enter:

ssh -X <netid>

Windows computer

Windows users will first need to download an ssh client, such as PuTTY, which will allow you to interact with the remote Unix command line. Use the following information to set up your connection:

Username: your Northwestern NetID
Password: your Northwestern NetID password

Last Updated: 26 July 2017

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