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SAS Studio

SAS Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SAS running on the SSCC.

SAS Studio is a development application for SAS on the SSCC that you access through your web browser. With SAS Studio, you can access your SSCC data files, libraries, and existing programs, and you can write new programs. You can also use the predefined tasks in SAS Studio to generate SAS code.

When you run a program or task from your web browser, SAS Studio connects to an SSCC SAS server to process the SAS code. After the code is processed, the results are returned to SAS Studio in your browser.

In addition to writing and running your own SAS programs, you can use the predefined tasks that are included with SAS Studio to analyze your data. The tasks are based on SAS System procedures and provide access to some of the most commonly used graph and analytical procedures. You can also use the default task template to write your own tasks.

SAS Studio 3.4 functionally replaces the X11 graphics SAS GUI on the SSCC. It offers many enhancements, and is recommended for SAS programming tasks using the SSCC.

If you are connecting to the SSCC from off campus, you must establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the Northwestern network before you open a connection with your browser. Establishing a VPN connection authenticates you to the Northwestern network, and adds a level of trust and security to your connection.

If you forget to establish a VPN connection, or if your VPN connection times out and is disconnected, your SSCC connection will also time out because it will fail to get through the SSCC firewalls.

See Connecting to the Northwestern Network for detailed instructions explaining how to configure and use the VPN Client software.

To run SAS Studio, open a URL from your PC's web browser, choosing any of three SSCC login hosts:

Sign in with your NU NetID and password, just as you would use to login to the SSCC with a terminal application. You must have an SSCC account and you must be connected to the NU campus network with NU VPN if you're off-campus.

You will see your home directory folders if you expand My Folders on the left side of the window in the panel titled Folders.

There are links to Help and Product Documentation at the top right of the SAS Studio window where you see a circled question mark.

Use your web browser to go to the SAS Studio 3.4 Documentation.  You'll want to first look at Getting Started with Programming in SAS Studio 3.4, and then the SAS Studio 3.4 User's Guide. HTML and PDF versions are provided.

The SAS Studio Video Library provides an extensive selection of free tutorials.

Be aware that you're using your PC's browser to access SAS running on an SSCC login node. Your SAS files must be in your SSCC home directory to be used. It cannot process files on your PC or on some other system running SAS Studio (such as SAS on Demand). SAS Studio has upload and download features to transfer files between your PC and the SSCC.

You can also use Cyberduck to transfer your files between your PC and your SSCC home directory.

Last Updated: 25 September 2017

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