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Tips for Safe Browsing

No matter what your role at Northwestern—faculty, staff, student, or researcher—Internet browsing is essential to everyday life and work. Make sure you aren't at risk by reviewing the information below.

What is safe browsing?

Many people use the Internet on a daily basis without trouble, but it can harbor some hidden dangers to you and your computer. These risks can include exposure of sensitive personal information and infection by malware, which includes viruses, spyware, and adware. Safe browsing means being aware of these online threats and taking the necessary steps to avoid them.

It only takes a little bit of effort, a few tools, and some basic information to be safe as you browse the Internet. Follow these guidelines to protect your personal information and your computer online.

Update Web browsers regularly and enable security features

Install protective software

Guard personal information

Be wary of Internet downloads

Last Updated: 12 September 2012

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