Email Defense System (EDS)

At a Glance

The Email Defense System (EDS), powered by Symantec Messaging Gateway, is NUIT's system for scanning and filtering junk email, phishing attempts, viruses, and malicious high-risk attachments sent to the University community. EDS scans all incoming mail, deletes identifiable viruses and junk email, and quarantines other junk email before delivering messages to the University's central email server.

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A Safer, More Manageable Inbox

Contaminated email attachments are the most common source of computer infections. With EDS filtering out most of these as well as junk email, Northwestern email recipients experience:

  • Increased computer security
  • Decreased junk email, allowing for easier email management


It is important to note that EDS is an automated process and does not monitor or read private email messages.


User email is automatically scanned by EDS, unless the user chooses to opt-out of junk email filtering. While it is not recommended, users may opt-out at any time by editing junk email settings within the Northwestern University Online Directory.

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