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Get a Computer Security Reality Check

Get a reality check about your digital security and personal information; learn how to protect yourself when it comes to mobile devices, secure passwords, phishing scams, and more with help from Northwestern IT and a host of security resources that are right at your fingertips.

Want one of these eye-catching flyers for your res hall, office, or lab? Simply click on one of the images below to download a PDF, print, and post.

Mobile Device Locks

Reality Check poster showing a hurrying middle-eastern girl carrying many bags. In the background is a table where she has left behind her smartphone. Text: Reality Check. A pattern or unlock can make the difference between a lost phone and a lost phone plus hijacked email, Facebook, bank, or twitter accounts. Set a lock and secure your phone.

Social Network Security

Reality Check poster showing two girls looking at their smartphones with people dancing in the background. Text: Your best friend liked the pictures from that wild party. Your boss didn't. Reality Check. Your friends aren't the only ones who can see your profile. Remember to keep your private information private.

Password Security

Reality Check poster showing a brunette caucasian boy wearing a football jersey and holding a laptop. He is thinking about a football, and several silhouetted figures in the background with smartphones and laptops are thinking the same. Text: Setting Football! as my password is easy to remember. Reality Check. If your friends can guess your password, a hacker can too. Create long, strong passwords to keep your information secure.

Peer-to-Peer Networks

Reality Check poster showing a lounging African-American boy with headphones watching a movie on a laptop and eating popcorn. Text: Sharing movies on P2P networks is totally free! Reality Check.That 150,000 fine you got says otherwise. Use legal methods to watch movies or listen to music and save money.

Software Updates

Reality Check poster showing a seated blonde caucasian girl wearing outdated 1970s clothing and working on a laptop. Text: I update my computer as often as I update my wardrobe. Reality Check. System updates include security patches and other fixes that protect your information and keep your computer functioning. Automate updates and you'll always stay on top of the trends.

Links in Phishing E-mails

Reality Check poster showing a seated asian boy looking at a desktop computer screen. In the background is the text of a suspicious e-mail requesting that he log in to his bank account or it will be terminated. Text: I'm sure this link goes to my bank, links don't lie. Reality Check. Links in e-mails are easy to fake. Bookmark confirmed e-mails to your bank, e-mail, and other accounts and use those instead of clicking on e-mailed links.

Last Updated: 15 November 2017

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