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Student Response System (SRS)

The Student Response System (SRS) allows instructors to pose questions and gather students' responses during a lecture. Student response systems are also commonly referred to as clickers, classroom response systems, personal response systems, or audience response systems.

At Northwestern, faculty members have two options for the SRS: a TurningPoint device or mobile.  The TurningPoint device includes the "clicker" (for the student) and and a receiver (for the instructor); the mobile platform allows students to respond using their own networked devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The instructor creates interactive presentations on Turningpoint software installed on their computer.

During class, students respond to the questions or problems posed in the presentation by using their clickers or mobile devices. The receiver on the instructor's computer gathers the data and can display summaries of students' responses. Answers are also stored electronically for later viewing.

Benefits to Instructors

SRS Hardware

SRS Receiver

This is an image of the receiver that collects data from the SRS clicker.A receiver is required to collect the data from the Student Response System (clickers). Receivers are available to instructors directly from the vendor, Turning Technologies. Instructors may also ask for an Instructor Kit. Instructor Kits include a QT receiver and a QT clicker. There is currently no charge for an Instructor Kit.

Instructors who wish to request an Instructor Kit may contact Northwestern's account representative, Scott Walker, Senior Account Executive – Higher Education, Turning Technologies,

Response Devices

Northwestern has implemented standardized support of software from Turning Technologies, LLC to ensure that that the University community receives a quality product and that students will not need to purchase multiple clicker devices for different courses.

This is an image of the QT clicker.
QT Device

The QT device features a full QWERTY keypad and a large LCD screen.  It must be used in conjunction with a TurningPoint subscription. Students may purchase a QT Device at the Norris Center Bookstore located in The Norris Center on the Evanston campus.

ResponseWare on iPhone and Blackberry
ResponseCard NXT

Some students may have the older, NXT model. It will work with TurningPoint Cloud but it will be necessary to purchase a TurningPoint subscription.

ResponseWare for Mobile Users

Instructors have the option to use ResponseWare, a polling application which allows participants to use mobile devices, including tablets, Smartphones, and laptop computers. 

Instructors who wish to use ResponseWare should visit TurningTechnologies to create a complimentary account. Keep in mind that the classroom must have enough wireless connectivity to support all the students.

Student Accounts and Subscriptions

Students must register and purchase a subscription in order for their responses to be tracked by the instructor. Students should check with their instructors that they may use their mobile device in class.

Instructions for registering your clicker and purchasing a subscription can be found in the Student Canvas Learning Center, Using Turning Technologies Clickers in Canvas.

Last Updated: 8 November 2017

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