Voice Mail

Voice mail lets callers leave messages while recipients are away from their desks or on other calls. NUIT offers Microsoft Unified Messaging which integrates telephones and voice mail with the rest of University Collaboration Services. This universal inbox lets users access email, voice mail, calendar, and contacts anywhere - and all from one place. Unified Messaging can also combine voice mail messages from multiple extensions in one mailbox, and provide Callers Menus for departments that receive high call volume.

Service Options

  • Full feature Unified Messaging voice mail is available only to personal or departmental Collaboration Services accounts.
  • Voice mail-only Unified Messaging is available for University telephone numbers not associated with a Collaboration Services account (eg. Lab or Resident Advisor Voice Mail).
    • Voice mail messages can only be reviewed via telephone - unable to use Outlook Voice Access
  • Callers Menus, also known as ECPs, or Enhanced Call Processing systems (For Departments Only), provide rapid routing of incoming calls to specific extensions, departments, mailboxes, applications, and informational resources within an organization. ECPs can be configured to offer a caller up to nine options, plus the option of dialing an extension or entering a mailbox number. Caller Menus may be requested using CONDUITS online.

    Callers Menus allow callers to route themselves to specific people, departments, or information points by dialing a single digit, an extension number, or a mailbox number. Depending on what a caller chooses, destinations may include one or more ACD queues, information-only boxes, individual extensions, and message-taking boxes. ECPs are especially helpful where labor savings and elimination of repetitive information provision are the targets.



For more documentation on using non-Unified Messaging voice mail please refer to Voice Mail Quick Reference Guide PDF and Voice Mail - Getting Started PDF

  • Message Waiting — A visual LED light on your NUIT multi-line telephone that alerts you when someone has left a message in your NUIT voice mailbox. Single line phones can be programmed to sound a "stutter dial tone" upon lifting the handset when you have messages in your voice mailbox.
  • Call Forwarding - Manual — When this feature is activated, all calls made to your telephone number are forwarded automatically to a telephone number of your choice. This is a manual feature that overrides any pre-programmed forwarding information. Any missed calls would still go to your voice mailbox.
  • Message Notification Paging — Voice mail's message notification feature can page you when new messages are delivered to your mailbox. If you opt to have this option activated, it will page you any time your voice mail notification schedule is on - even if your paging status is "out - not available."

Visit the Unified Messaging Overview for more information on Unified Messaging.


To order Unified Messaging voice mail, a University work order contact must submit the request using the CONDUITS Online Order Form. All orders must include:

  • Voice mail subscriber name
  • Voice mail subscriber NetID
  • Telephone number for the voice mailbox
  • Chart of Accounts number

Support Contacts

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