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Videoconferencing Services at Northwestern

Northwestern IT provides videoconferencing services and support for members of the Northwestern community to conduct virtual face-to-face meetings to enhance their teaching and learning, research, or other business at the University.

Videoconferencing at NU

Types of videoconferencing services at Northwestern include:

Benefits of Videoconferencing

For Faculty and Staff: Interactive video eliminates the physical boundaries of the classroom by connecting an instructor to students located in one or more remote locations.  videoconferencing can be used to offer classroom instruction, master classes, on the job training, continuing education, special events, and seminars.

For Researchers: Videoconferencing also allows researchers at different locations and institutions a real-time cost-effective infrastructure to communicate and collaborate on a daily or regular basis, share and review data, and foster inter-group communication.

For Students: Northwestern students can arrange interviews by prospective employers without having to leave the campus.

Reserve a Videoconference Room

Northwestern IT supports public videoconferencing rooms on both the Evanston and Chicago campuses.  These rooms are available to Northwestern faculty, staff, and students at no cost however, reservations are required.

Costs to reserve a private videoconference room are dependent upon the individual University school or department.

Room locations, equipment, and reservation information can be found in the list of videoconferencing rooms on campus.

Equipment Requirements

In general, public and private videoconference rooms on campus are equipped with an H.323 videoconferencing system.  Each room varies with the type and number of displays, cameras and connections for computers to send data.

Each videoconference unit must be able to support the ability to receive data (H.239) in the videoconference.  If a videoconference does not support this standard or has not been configured properly, the audience at that location may not be able see the presented data.

When connecting with off campus groups, these requirements also apply for H.323 systems and the H.239 standard for sharing data.

Consultation and Contract Services

Consultation and Contract Services are available to help members of the University integrate videoconferencing into any room-based design.  These services include project management of videoconference rooms, videoconference support, or other events.

Each contract is developed based on individual school and departmental needs and the resources required. 

Last Updated: 22 February 2017

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