Setting up Flash Player on Windows and Macintosh

In order to view Flash Webcasts at Northwestern University, you must have the most recent version of Flash Player installed for your computer. This free software can be downloaded and installed over the Internet. A high-speed network connection is recommended.

Download and Install Flash Player for Windows

  1. Open your Internet browsers one at a time.
  2. Download and install the latest version of Flash Player for your browser.
  3. Test the Flash Player installation.

Repeat these steps for each browser on a Windows computer (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

Download and Install Flash Player Includes for Macintosh

  1. Download the latest version of Flash Player.
  2. Close your browser(s) and install the software.
  3. Open your browser(s) and test Flash Player

Additional Information

Support Contacts

Support Contact:

IT Support Center
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847-491-4357 (1-HELP)
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