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Cyberinfrastructure integrates critical infrastructures including data storage, computing services, and telecommunications networks and services necessary to support the business of the University. Goals for Northwestern University Cyberinfrastructure include:

David Carr

Associate Vice President


Reporting to the Associate Vice President of Cyberinfrastructure, areas within Cyberinfrastructure include:

Collaboration Services

Scott Pitts

Associate Director


Collaboration Services plans, operates, maintains and monitors the University’s collaboration infrastructure. Collaboration applications include Email, Calendar, Instant Messaging and SharePoint as the core services. Additional services include Smartphone Access, SPAM / Virus Server Protection, Video Conferencing, Presence, Web Conferencing, Application Sharing, Audio Conferencing (Peer to Peer), and Office Web Apps. 

Processing and Information Management

Steve Kwak



Processing and Information Management plans, deploys and maintains all processing and information services delivered as general purpose resources to applications within the University. This includes both hardware and software components to allow service scaling, reliable and predictable service delivery, orderly capacity growth, minimal scheduled downtime, and robust recovery from serious interruptions. Planning and deployment is carried out in partnership with major University information service providers.

Processing and Information Management units include Processing and Information Platform Services and Application and Data Base Platform Services.

Service Operation

RuthAnn Ostrowski



Service Operations group performs day-to-day management of all services. This includes ensuring physical security and operational integrity of central service facilities, and making changes in central equipment configurations. This group monitors service delivery metrics, acts as the initial problem incident responder and engages other units as necessary to restore services. This group enforces change controls on all aspects of the services and holds vendor relationship and contract information for reference and use as needed.

Service Operations units include the Service Operations Center, Change Management, Vendor Contract Management, and Quality Control

Telecommunications and Network Services

Julian Koh

Associate Director


Telecommunications and Network Services (TNS) plans, operates, and maintains the University's transmission networks for voice, data, cellular, wireless, and video services along with all connections to region and national networks. Communication-oriented applications on the network for voice, voice mail, IP-services, security, etc. are operated by TNS.

Telecommunications and Network Services units include Network Plant, Network Transport, and Unified Communications.

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