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Management Systems (ITMS)

Associate Director — Harry Samuels 847-467-4483

The Management Systems group provides information systems support to assist University staff and faculty in the performance of business-related or administrative processes, primarily at the enterprise level. To accomplish this, staff provide support in the procurement, development, implementation, and ongoing enhancement and maintenance of primarily enterprise-level business and / or administrative information systems.


Working collaboratively with our customers, we provide business process analysis, business requirements analysis, systems analysis, systems design, systems development, systems testing, and systems implementation services. We also provide systems enhancement and maintenance services for those systems we support.

We participate in vendor review, software evaluation and selection, and contract negotiation at the enterprise level, or for areas within the scope of central administrative systems.


ITMS' primary customers are central administrative offices and administrative units of schools and divisions. These include:

We support these offices in their work to support students, their families, faculty, and University staff. In effect, all these groups are indirect customers of ITMS.

Last Updated: 31 August 2015

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