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Infrastructure Advisory Committee

The IT Infrastructure Advisory Committee, is an IT Governance advisory committee chaired by a non-Northwestern IT technology leader. It provides oversight and sets priorities for information technology infrastructure at Northwestern.
The committee reviews policies and provides direction to ensure that the security and reliability of enterprise level systems is maintained for all University services and makes recommendations to the IT Executive Committee.


A non-Northwestern IT technology leader serves as chair. The representatives for the University schools and business units on the committee are appointed by a dean or vice president for a two-year term. The chair may appoint ad hoc committees as appropriate.


  1. To review current and planned information technology services with the purpose of improving the customer experience and the communication around these services.
  2. To provide direction on the deployment of new services to ensure that the community understands and embraces the services as appropriate.


  1. Ensure alignment of IT infrastructure services with academic and administrative direction, goals, and priorities.
  2. Ensure that an appropriate array of enterprise services is provided for departments, faculty, staff, and students to enable effective communication, broad collaboration, and timely access to information either by campus solutions or by commercial services.
  3. Provide oversight for the identification and selection of enterprise level service solutions for prioritized business needs. 
  4. Provide a forum where new infrastructure requirements or emerging technologies are discussed and considered.
  5. Communicate the University’s IT strategies and priorities for infrastructure services to the campus. 
  6. Ensure that appropriate security is maintained for all services, through corresponding measures, controls, and policies.
  7. Provide direction to prevent, where appropriate, unnecessary redundancy or non-sustainable service implementations and their resulting inefficiencies and risks.

Operating Principles

Meetings are held monthly, or as determined by the committee. 


Last Updated: 27 September 2022

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