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Learning and Technology ecosystem Advisory Committee (LTAC)

The Learning and Technology ecosystem Advisory Committee (LTAC) is an IT Governance committee co-chaired by a senior member of the Office of the Provost and a senior member of Northwestern IT.

The mission of LTAC is to support pedagogical innovation through enhancements to learning spaces and advancements in instructional practices through the use of learning analytics and related educational technologies that intersect broadly to support the learning experience. The committee makes recommendations regarding priorities for investment and experimentation while assessing the overall benefits and impact on the student learning experience.


ltac org chart


ltac goals graph

Learn more about the LTAC priorities and activities for the 2019-20 Academic YearThis images indicates a PDF


Committee members are invited to serve a two-year term through the appointment of a dean or vice president. Meetings are held quarterly, or as determined by the committee. View the LTAC Meeting Materials - Agendas and Meeting Minutes.

LTAC includes three subcommittees—Learning Spaces Working Group, Digital Learning Working Group, and Learning Management System and Learning Apps Working Group.

Committee Members


Meetings are held with sufficient frequency to accomplish their charge and report back to LTAC as necessary.

Last Updated: 2 September 2020

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