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Northwestern Collaboration Services Initiative: Project Status - Phase Two

Status Period

Period Start Date: 2/13/2012
Period End Date: 5/04/2012

Cost performance

0% under budget

Schedule performance

0% behind schedule
Collaboration Services Project Phase 2 Timeline

Issues requiring management attention

Changes to scope, schedule, cost during this period

Major problems encountered and planned action to resolve

Issues identified this period and required action

Major accomplishments

Major accomplishments scheduled for next time period

Milestone Report

Milestone Due Date Status Notes
Microsoft Lync Design Review 9/02/2011 Complete  
Functional Requirements Document (Lync) 9/03/2011 Complete  
Sandbox Architecture (Lync) 9/02/2011 Complete  
Sandbox Hardware Procurement Initiated (Lync) 9/06/2011 Complete  
QA Architecture Design (Lync) 9/09/2011 Complete  
Production Architecture Design (Lync) 9/09/2011 Complete  
Microsoft Active Directory Lync Schema Upgrade (Lync) 9/10/2011 Complete  
Certification Of Overall Design (Lync) 9/14/2011 Complete  
QA Hardware Procurement Initiated (Lync) 9/16/2011 Complete  
Production Hardware Procurement Initiated (Lync)


Sandbox Installation and OS install(Lync) 9/12/2011 Complete  
Sandbox application software installations (Lync) 9/14/2011 Complete  
Sandbox application software configurations (Lync) 9/16/2011 Complete  
Development Installation and OS install(Lync) 11/12/2011 Complete  
Development application software installations (Lync) 11/14/2011 Complete  
Development application software configurations (Lync) 11/18/2011 Complete  
Development Configure Threat Management Gateway (Lync) 11/20/2011 Complete  
Development Load Balancing (Lync) 12/14/2011 Complete  
Generate build documents (Lync) 12/12/2011 Complete  
Production Installation and OS install (Lync) 12/09/2011 Complete  
Production application software installations (Lync) 12/15/2011 Complete  
Production application software configurations (Lync) 12/20/2011 Complete  
Production Load Balancing (Lync) 12/22/2011 Complete  
Production Configure Threat Management Gateway (Lync) 12/21/2011 Complete  
Documentation for desktop client installs (Lync) 1/10/2012 Complete  
DPM Backup Installation (Lync) 12/22/2011 Complete  
Mobility Client Access for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7 1/22/2012 Complete  
NUIT Pilot 1/23/2012 Complete  
Extended Pilot 2/07/2012 Complete  
LoadGen Testing of Production Environment (Lync) 2/16/2012 Complete  
Disaster Recovery Testing of Production Environment (Lync) 2/16/2012 Complete  
Penetration Testing (Security) of Production Environment (Lync) 2/16/2012 Complete  
SLA's Document (Lync) 2/16/2012 Complete  
Disaster Recovery Document (Lync) 2/16/2012 Complete  
Production Access for Faculty and Staff 2/23/2012 Complete  

Last Updated: 17 July 2015

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