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Northwestern Collaboration Services Initiative: Project Status - Phase 2.5

Project Goal

Replace the current end-of-life Octel voice mail system with an integrated Microsoft Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging solution. Enhance user experience by allowing access to voice mail from both telephones and email inboxes, while also integrating voice messages with the University Exchange and Lync platforms.

Status Period

Period Start Date: 5/2013
Period End Date: 8/2013

Cost performance

0% under budget

Schedule performance

0% behind schedule

Collaboration Services Project Phase 2.5 Timeline

Collaboration Services Project Phase 2.5 Timeline

Issues requiring management attention

Changes to scope, schedule, cost during this period

Major problems encountered and planned action to resolve

Issues identified this period and required action

Major accomplishments

Major accomplishments scheduled for next time period

Milestone Report

Milestone Due Date Status Notes
Develop UM test bed in the Exchange sandbox 6/15/12 Complete  
Develop a test bed within the CS2100, including test users and trunks 6/21/12 Complete  
Test integration between the CS2100 and Exchange UM 6/30/12 Complete  
Test use case functionality and document any limitations 6/30/12 Complete  
Compare existing mailbox call flows with UM to determine gaps 7/05/12 Complete  
Confirm and execute SOW for consultant (SWC) 7/11/12 Complete  
Complete contract with NET and purchase UX gateways 7/15/12 Complete  
Create network design with server/service architecture 7/25/12 Complete  
Develop communications plan 9/05/12 Complete  
Create production UM environment, including servers, OS, dial plans, gateways and CS2100 translations 9/30/12 Complete  
Local Readiness Team Lead (LRTL) Unified Messaging Kickoff Meeting 10/10/12 Complete  
NUIT Unified Messaging Pilot 10/24/12 Complete  
Test production environment, including failover scenarios


Develop and document UM support processes 10/31/12 Complete  
Develop user migration interface 11/30/12 Complete  
Local Readiness Team Lead (LRTL) Unified Messaging User Migration Webinar 12/11/12 Complete  
Unified Messaging User Migration 01/13 - 07/13 Complete  

Last Updated: 17 July 2015

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