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IT Service Management (ITSM) Initiative

Visual Overview of the ITIL Service Lifecycle
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Delivering reliable, consistent high-quality IT services requires a clearly defined approach to how those services are designed, created, delivered, supported, managed and improved throughout the service lifecycle. The entirety of these activities is known as IT Service Management (ITSM).

Northwestern IT has recently launched an ITSM Initiative that is meant to:

Goals and Objectives


The ITSM Initiative will be achieved in a phased approach from January 2018 through April 2019.

Project Kick-off

April 2018

Project kick-off began with the delivery of ITSM Workshops in January 2018 for Northwestern IT staff and IT partners. Discussions held during these workshops allowed NUIT to establish priorities for a renewed focus on ITSM, including the development of a roadmap for the first year of the project.


February - March 2018

Planning includes mapping the agreed-upon priorities and key deliverables to the proper project documentation, as well as forming the appropriate governance committees and working groups necessary to steer the completion of the deliverables.


March 2018 - March 2019

Execution includes the completion of key deliverables, as defined in the Roadmap.pdf

User Testing and Stakeholder Feedback

Through the life of the project.

Usability testing and engagement with key stakeholders will occur throughout the project, e.g., usability studies related to the design of the new and improved Service Catalog and feedback from members of the Steering Committee regarding the proposed taxonomy for the Service Catalog and Service Roles.


As this project extends beyond deploying a software application or new service, we have adapted this phase to include the completion of key deliverables, as specified in the Roadmappdf and the Roadmap Details documentrequires NetID authentication.


March 2018 - March 2019

The post-implementation phase will include review and assessment of the work completed. A report highlighting lessons learned will be produced and will also help with creating key deliverables to be completed going forward.

Initiative Contacts

Name Title Role
Dush Fernando Director, Technology Support Services Project Sponsor
Dee Lee Senior Project Manager Project Manager
Joseph Kurtin Manager, Network and Communications Services Project Lead
Christine Ganjani IT Communications Specialist Project Team

Last Updated: 2 May 2019

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