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IT Project: NUValidate Replacement

Project Status

July 23, 2018: 

The NUValidate Replacement project is complete.  See the new look.

Project Information


The system that manages Northwestern’s NetIDs is being replaced to improve service delivery through enhanced features. This project is the first phase of a larger initiative to streamline Northwestern’s identity management infrastructure and increase operational efficiency. This initiative relates directly to the University’s priorities around strengthening user and system security.

A relatively small audience of NetID Administrators and support staff (approx. 250 people) will experience noticeable change, as they will be required to learn how to administer the new system. The vast majority of NetID holders will only see a slight difference in appearance when they encounter the new interface with an annual NetID password change.


The NUValidate system will be offline during the cutover period from 6pm Thursday, July 19 - 8am Monday, July 23.

This means that:

Batch feeds from HR and SES will not be processed during the cutover period, but no updates will be missed.

The following systems WILL BE AVAILABLE during cutover:

Users will be able to log in as they normally do.

 The following systems will also be available throughout the migration:


NUValidate’s underlying system is currently at end of life, and is outdated and labor intensive to support. It is being replaced with SailPoint Identity IQ. SailPoint will provide a more robust architecture that supports hybrid infrastructures, such as on-premise, cloud and mobile platforms.

The NUValidate name and functionality will remain the same as this initial implementation lays a foundation for future enhancements.

Selection Process

Goals and Objectives

Last Updated: 23 July 2018

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