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Financial Management Systems Security Access Forms

There are four separate security access request forms. Please select one based on the information below.

For help with security roles and training recommendations, see Getting Started.

Additional resources for completing the forms:

General and Central Office Access Forms

To decide which form to use:

  1. Do you work in a central office?
    - NO: Use the General Security Access request form
    - YES: Go to question 2
  2. Are you responsible for maintaining configuration in an FFRA application, performing reconciliations, or processing transactions in an analytical or managerial capacity?
    - NO: Use the General Security Access request form
    - YES: Use the Central Office Access security request form

Express Forms

Download Forms

General Security Access Form pdf icon last updated 03/01/18
Central Office Security Access Form pdf icon
last updated 03/01/18
FFRA Systems Express Form pdf icon
last updated 03/30/18
Row Level Security Form for Multiple Userspdf icon
last updated 07/08/15

Submit Forms

Financial Operations IT, 555 Clark Street, Suite 319, Evanston
Fax: 7-3070

Inactivation and Transfers

To remove access to NUFinancials (and other FFRA systems) or transfer someone's access when changing departments, please complete a Security Access Form and check the appropriate boxes.


For inactivation, only the demographic data on the first page and checkmarks in the appropriate inactivation boxes on the first page are required. The final page of the form with authorized signatures is also required.


For department/school transfers, the department should complete a security request form and mark the "Is this a School or Department transfer?" box. The same form can be used to indicate the access to be removed and any new access to be added for the new department.

HR and Expense Reports

Please keep in mind that the myHR and NUFinancials systems are separate, so when an employee is terminated in myHR, a security form is still required to remove NUFinancials access. However, termination by HR will end the ability to file an expense report (or have a proxy file an expense report) 90 days after the date of termination.

Security and Workflow Setup

If you need to determine a user's access or find an approver, security and workflow setup information are available in the following Cognos reports:

Navigation: Cognos BI > Finance Facilities and Research Administration > School > Budget/COA

Northwestern Department Master Tree

Use the Department Master Tree to facilitate department node requests for workflow approval and Row Level Security.



For the most current version of the tree, look in NUFinancials:

  1. Login to NUFinancials > Tree Manager > Tree Viewer.
  2. Search by Tree Name with "begins with" left blank.
  3. In search results, select NU_DEPTID_MASTER. Be sure to use most recent version based on "effective date" column.
  4. Click Expand All in the blue bar above the list.

Ship To Codes

When requesters apply for security access, they will be required to supply a default ship to code.

Ship To Codes pdf icon

Last Updated: 18 November 2020

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