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Annual Access Review: NUFinancials

This page outlines the steps to complete the Annual Access Review for NUFinancials. By ensuring that users have appropriate access, this review helps to maintain your unit's security and financial controls.


In June of each year, reviewers receive a customized spreadsheet of active users and their roles assigned in the NUFinancials and Cognos systems for their department/unit. Spreadsheet information is extracted from NUFinancials and augmented with department and department head information from myHR.  

  1. Open your unit's spreadsheet [using link/excel file sent in email] and run the GE007 Cognos report. How to run GE007 Report.
  2. Review and verify that the list of users, access, and roles is accurate.
  3. Email the completed and validated spreadsheet to by end of business on August 15.

A printable version of the steps below is also available: Annual Access Review: NUFinancialsPDF

Review Timeline

The annual security access review begins each June. All reviewers must submit their access confirmations by end of business on August 15.

Please respond by the August 15 deadline to avoid temporary loss of user access.

Review Process

To review a user’s access in NUFinancials and Cognos Reporting, use the existing Cognos reports to identify their roles and functions:

***Limited Basic Expense and Shopper Access***

Accuracy Review

Verify that the following sections in GE007 user reports are correct for each user:

***Users who have been locked out but have not had their access removed will still produce results in the GE007 report.***

Completeness Review

  1. Verify that the individuals listed in GE007 by department report are properly included in the spreadsheet. Note: New eligible users are added every day into NUFinancials with Basic Expense and Shopper roles; do not add them to the spreadsheet.
  2. If existing users prior to the spreadsheet distribution date are missing on the spreadsheet, please add them and indicate the appropriate Status to match their current employment standing within your department/unit.

Completing Spreadsheet after User Access Review

  1.  Status Indication – Mark an X in the column under Status that matches the user’s current employment standing within your department/unit.


Description & Action Items


User’s access is correct and no change is needed.

Active but Incorrect Access

User is active, but has incorrect access. To correct the user’s access, use a new Security Form and submit via email to

Financial Management Systems Security Access Forms

Not in Unit / School

User does not belong to your department/unit.

No longer at Northwestern

User is no longer at Northwestern. FOIT Security will remove all FFRA Systems access for the user with the exception of the Basic Expense and Shopper roles.

Terminate Date

User was or will be terminated. Indicate the Date the user was (or will be) terminated from the department/unit. FOIT Security will remove all FFRA Systems access with the exception of the Basic Expense and Shopper roles for the user according to the date provided.

Transfer Date

User transferred to another department or unit. Indicate the Date the user moved. FOIT Security will remove all FFRA Systems access to your department/unit with the exception of the Basic Expense and Shopper roles according to the date provided.

On Leave or Emeritus

User is on leave or emeritus. User’s NUFinancials profile will remain active unless otherwise noted by reviewer.

  1. Reviewer Validation - After access for each user has been verified, the reviewer must type their name and date of review at the top of the spreadsheet (Reviewed By and Date highlighted in yellow). 
  2. Email the completed and validated spreadsheet to

Non-Employees or Contracted Employees

A separate spreadsheet will be sent out including all employees who are not associated with a Department ID in myHR.  Please follow the same process as per the regular spreadsheets.

How to Run GE007 Reports

****Before you begin****

The GE007 report is best supported in Firefox 31. When using Internet Explorer, a few additional steps are needed:

  1. Select the list of NetIDs and right click copy.
  2. Use an empty excel cell and right click Paste Special.
  3. Choose the Transpose option.
  4. Copy the row of NetIDs and paste into the GE007 search box.

Run the GE007 Report

1. Navigate to the GE007 report via Cognos Reporting: Finance Facilities and Research Administration -> School -> Budget/COA or Monthly Financial -> GE007

2. Look up users by department or NetID:

Additional Resources

Cognos Reports used to identify individual roles and functions in NUFinancials and Cognos:

Support Contact

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Lysa Lei
Financial Operations IT Security
Phone: 847-467-3777

Last Updated: 20 February 2018

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