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Annual Access Review: myHR

The myHR Annual Administrative Access Review is performed online by supervisors with employees who have administrative access to myHR. Its purpose is to ensure that assigned user access is appropriate and current. The review is only for administrative access to myHR and does not include self-service, recruiting, or manager functions.

Review Timeline

The annual security access review begins each June. All reviewers must submit their access confirmations by close of business on August 15.

Please respond by the August 15 deadline to avoid temporary loss of user access.

Online Review Process

  1. Go to authentication required
  2. Select an option to view approvals:

    1. Approver: you will approve myHR access for employees that report to you as their Performance Evaluation Approver and those that have been delegated to you by others.
    2. School Approver: if you are designated as a school approver, you will see all myHR users in your Admin Unit.
  3. To view an employee’s myHR Admin Access:

    1. Click the Supervisor tab at the top of the page. You will be navigated to a list of your employees whose security access is pending review and approval.
    2. Click View on the far right side of the employee’s row to review their access.
  4. Choose the appropriate Action on an employee’s Access from the main Approval screen:

    1. Click Approve to sign off on all access; you are now finished with this employee.
    2. Click Reject if any or all of the employee’s access is incorrect.  You will be asked to provide additional details.
    3. Click Change Approver if you are not the person responsible for approving the employee’s access. You may type any approver’s name to re-route the approval. If you are not the correct approver and do not know where it should be re-routed, or if you have any additional questions, please contact

Support Contact

Questions about the myHR Administrative Access Review can be directed to

Last Updated: 12 June 2017

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