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Annual Access Review

Each year, Northwestern IT conducts a review of Human Resources, Student, and Financials systems to ensure that user access is appropriate and current for each school or department. This review is part of the University's larger effort to comply with industry standards for system information security.  

Unit contacts responsible for reviewing security access are contacted via email and provided with steps to complete the review process for each system relevant to the users in their area. 

Review Timeline

The annual security access review begins each June. All reviewers must submit their access confirmations by end of business on August 15.

Please respond by the August 15 deadline to avoid temporary loss of user access.

System Review Process

The review process is unique for each system. The common goal is to verify whether people with access to each system should continue to have the same access.

Please see below for information specific to each system.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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