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Research Portal Payroll and Base Salary Enhancements

In August 2018, a new set of features is coming to the Research Portal that will enable investigators to see payroll and base salary information for students and staff who are paid from their projects.



View a Single Project and See Project Team

Salary data is available for five years for sponsored projects and three years for non-sponsored projects.

list of people paid from a project

View a Specific Team Member and See a List of Projects

Salary data for a specific person is available for three years and includes inactive projects.

list of projects for a team member

Appropriate Use of Data

About the Research Portal

The Northwestern Research Portal is a one-stop-shop for researchers and their staff to obtain research administration information. It aggregates and displays data from multiple administrative systems in a straightforward, user-friendly way, allowing faculty members self-service access to the project information they are most interested in.

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Last Updated: 24 July 2018

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