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Authentication Specifications for Use in Software Bids

The Identity Services team is responsible for setting requirements in the areas of identity and access management at Northwestern.

When submitting a bid for a software implementation, please be aware of the following requirements:

The system shall integrate with Northwestern’s Web single sign-on (Web SSO) system, OpenAM version 11. The system must make use of one of the following methods of OpenAM integration:

  1. An OpenAM Policy Agent will be installed in the application or web server.
  2. The system will use the OpenAM REST API
  3. The system will support SAML 2.0 or higher.
  4. If none of the above is possible, the system will use an IIS or Apache proxy server with an OpenAM Policy Agent installed.

If you require further information about authentication specifications, please contact the IT Support Center:

Last Updated: 1 March 2018

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