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FAMIS (Facilities Asset Management Information System) is Northwestern’s central work order management and cost tracking system for work performed by Facilities Management.

Types of work managed with FAMIS include:

Users can access the system via FAMIS Admin, FAMIS Self-Service, FAMIS Web in the NUPortal (all authorized staff) and FAMIS Mobile (central Facilities Management staff only). 


FAMIS Admin is the maintenance management system used by Facilities Management staff and select department administrators. Its functions include: 

FAMIS Admin may be accessed using the System Login portlet on the NUPortal.

FAMIS Self-Service

FAMIS Self-Service allows approved staff to submit new work requests or review previously submitted requests, including cost information for completed work requests.

Requests that can be submitted through FAMIS Self-Service include:

FAMIS Self-Service may be accessed through the Facilities section of the NUPortal.


FAMIS Web is a web app that allows users to process and update service requests. FAMIS Web may be accessed through the Facilities Management Resources section on the NUPortal.

FAMIS Mobile

FAMIS Mobile is the mobile app version of FAMIS Admin available to central Facilities Management staff. Users can see and update work orders and enter, submit, and approve daily timecard entries on mobile devices to provide more accurate and timely work order information.

Last Updated: 13 November 2018

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