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NUPlans Courses

NUPlans Forecasting Courses

Course Curriculum

FMS716 NUPlans Forecasting Basics
(Registration is optional)

FMS716 Curriculum

FMS717 NUPlans Operational Forecasts

FMS717 Curriculum

NUPlans Budgeting Courses

In this webinar, returning users of NUPlans will see new features and functionality in NUPlans Contributor and Web.
Recorded Webinar: What's New in NUPlans Budgeting FY18 Captivate file play icon
Presentation Slides: What's New in NUPlans Budgeting FY18 PresentationPDF icon

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Enroll in and complete only the training you need.* Click course name to see description and registration link.

Course Curriculum

FMS701 NUPlans Budgeting Basics

FMS701 Curriculum

FMS705 NUPlans for Grants

FMS705 Curriculum

FMS707 NUPlans Compensation Budgeting

FMS707 Curriculum

FMS708 NUPlans Fund Budgeting

FMS708 Curriculum

FMS706 NUPlans Advanced Topics (Optional)

FMS706 Curriculum

*Modularized to align with security access roles and special interests

Last Updated: 9 May 2018

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