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Sponsored Projects

Access Cognos through the NUPortal or at Navigation: Cognos BI > Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration > School > Sponsored Programs Management.

See also: InfoEd Inventory

Report Name Description
GL008 - Budget Status Detail Report View all transactions affecting the budget for the current period.
GL064 - Project by Attribute/Activity
Non-Designated Funds
Provides the ability to search for non-designated projects that have a given attribute.
GL074 Financial Summary with Management Level & Project Purpose (Excluding Agency and Multi-Year Funds) Extends the functionality present in the GL068-GL071 range of reports.
- Using the new Management Level attribute, allows you to group your chart strings into classifications consistent with how funds in your area are managed.
- Available Management Level values will be Dean/VP Administration, Department Chair/Unit Head, PI/Faculty, Program/Center, and Other.
GM011 - Sponsored Research Expenditures Report Returns Direct Costs, F&A, and Total Costs by project ID. It can be run for a specific date range by school, department, PI, or Project type. As of Sept. 2010, this report also shows fiscal year-to-date information when reviewing current period charges.
Please note: The direct costs on this report may vary from the GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement because this report does NOT include budget-checked expenses that have not yet been approved.
GM014 - F&A Revenue Offset
Setup Report
Contains the current demographic data to validate the correct recovery department and percentage has been setup. 
GM023 - Multi-project Summary This report presents summary award and project data in order to facilitate budgetary and expenditure oversight at the award level for multi-project grants and confirm that the sum of the project budgets is equal to the awarded amount.

This report will allow GCFAs and management to monitor project budgets that may exceed Awarded amounts and follow-up with the Award PI who is responsible for all expenditures on all projects under a particular award
GM026 - Project Information
Lookup Report
Gives departments the ability to look up active Projects by department ID or project ID. Specifically, Recharge Centers can determine whether expenses can be charged. Report returns basic demographic data on a project such as Department, Title, PI, Begin/End Dates.
GM033 - Project Account Summary Distributed by the central offices to notify  PI’s and Business Managers that the Award and Project have been set up in PeopleSoft and spending can begin on the project as well as notifying them of key changes to existing projects. Basic demographic data about the Award and Project is displayed along with the posted budget amounts broken out by Account and Activity.
GM035 - Clinical Trials Activity Report Shows clinical trial activity by Fiscal Year, Sponsor, Department and PI. The activity displayed compares the Total Maximum Award Amount to the Cumulative Expenses to the Total Cash Received.
GM044 - Sponsored Project Portfolio

Used by PI’s, Department Administrators, and ASRSP to view budget balances by project and by project/budget category.

  • The first level report displays balances for active projects including direct and indirect expenditures as well as encumbrances by department and/or principal investigator.
  • The second level report drills through into the Budget Overview for a particular project which breaks out the available balance by sponsor and cost share commitments. Each balance is then broken out by budget category (includes expenses and encumbrances).
GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement Used by PI’s, Department Administrators, and ASRSP to review the status of direct and indirect expenditures against the total budget amount along with project demographic data. The dollars will broken out and shown by Current Accounting Period, Fiscal Year to Date, and Inception to Date.
GM047 - Milestone (Deliverable) Report Used by department administrators and PIs in tracking upcoming deliverable due dates to assist in meeting sponsor and institutional requirements.

GL068 - Financial Summary (Excluding Agency and Multi-Year Funds)

Provides summarized financial information by chart string, for a DeptID or for a School/Unit, reflecting the typical Beginning Balance, Expenses, Revenues, and Ending Balance for both Budget and Actuals, as applicable; also provides sub-totals by Fund type and DeptID.

GL069 - Financial Summary (Including Multi-Year Funds And Excluding Agency Funds) Displays summarized expense and revenue (actuals and budget) financial information by chart string for a DeptID or School/Unit, reflecting the typical Expenses, Revenues, and Ending Balance, as applicable. This report shows information for all chart strings except those that use agency funds (starts with a 7).
GL070 - Financial Summary with Project Purpose (Excluding Agency and Multi-Year Funds) Provides summarized financial information by chart string, for a DeptID or for a School/Unit, reflecting the typical Beginning Balance, Expenses, Revenues, and Ending Balance for both Budget and Actuals, as applicable; also provides sub-totals by Fund type and DeptID. The GL070 report has the additional benefit of reporting and sub-totaling by Project Attributes, as assigned.
GL071 - Financial Summary - Historical Comparison (Excluding Agency and Multi-Year Funds) Allows comparison of fiscal year data by accounting period.  Answers the question:  “How were we doing this time last year?” 

GM091 - Sponsor Payments Received

Presents details of payments received by contract, with a breakout by project. Payment activity includes all forms of payments as well as a subset of write-offs and other maintenance items. Note: For converted non-clinical awards, payment data prior to December 2008 is not available.

GM092 - Subcontract Monitoring Report

Displays a complete list of fully-executed subcontracts, with current status for funding, disbursement, and burn rates (percent disbursed).

Note: Subcontracts will not be listed on the report until the IE Executed date is populated in InfoEd.

GM095 - Clinical Trial Actuals Balance Report

Displays actual balances for clinical trial contracts by fiscal year and inception–to-date on direct cost expenses with and without F&A, encumbrances, payments received, budget amount and open A/R.


Last Updated: 31 January 2019

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